While we love the color of bronze, one reason for incorporating more sterling silver in our designs is that US-made components such as chains and clasps are more readily available in silver than in bronze or brass. All of the chains, clasps, and end caps we use are made in the US, with a few exceptions that are made in Italy or Israel by long-standing manufacturers.

Silver is also a more easily recycled material, and has innate value – so we save our silver bench scraps to reuse or to send back to our refinery/manufacturer for credit for more silver. 

Another major component in our work is glass beads. Made in Japan with proprietary techniques, these beads are of the highest quality and manufactured nowhere else in the world. It is with pride that we weave with Miyuki beads, knowing this company's dedication to quality, craft, and tradition. We strive to honor their craft through careful application of beads in our designs.