love oru

thoughtfully Designed + subtly textured + hand crafted



Colorful Japanese glass seed beads are woven one by one to create a fabric that is seamlessly integrated into a minimal sterling silver form. 



Each piece starts with a woven bead segment, which is then molded and cast to create a solid bronze or sterling jewel with the texture of woven beads.  


handwoven in Portland, oregon


starting with just a needle and thread, japanese glass beads are woven one by one until they start to form a textile. This material is then seamlessly integrated into metal forms, or molded and cast. Read more


custom colors

Each woven style can be crafted in any color. Simply choose the style you'd like to customize and add it to your cart. Then visit the color page and add the desired color to your cart.

Want two different colors for one pair of earrings? Add two colors to the cart! We'll contact you if we have any questions.