I love to make. I have always loved to make: It’s in my blood. And the more delicate and complicated, the better. When I was 12, I fell in love with these perfect, tiny Japanese glass beads and have been weaving them ever since. I love bead weaving because it’s calming and meditative. It’s also a perfect counterpoint to the more heavy-handed metalsmithing techniques I use to create the frames for the beads.

I named my jewelry line ORU, which is the Japanese word meaning ‘to weave,’ because each piece is woven exclusively with Japanese beads and Japanese thread. It’s my way of honoring both the material and the process.

Beyond the material, ORU is an attempt to follow my heart, and to practice devotion to material and process. In doing so, I'm also continually learning to value my time, skill, and experience. Though not without its joy and freedom, it's also challenging to make one's living as a maker. I learned from a wise teacher that doing the thing you don't want to do, or even pursuing one's fears, is the key to a life fulfilled.

My aim for this journal is to explore the material and non-material world of ORU, and maybe find moments of their interwoven-ness.

xx, Agnieszka

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