A jewelry line that combines handwoven Japanese glass beads with minimalist metal shapes, ORU is an exploration of texture through color and form. Each piece is refined, yet playful, and subtle but distinctive - thoughtfully weaving together materials and traditional techniques.

ORU is the verb 'to weave' in Japanese, and each piece of jewelry we make exemplifies this ancient craft. On one side of the studio, we meditatively weave glass seed beads to create a delicate beaded fabric, and on the other, work on the metal frames with saw-blade, torch, and file. These contrasting materials and techniques are then integrated to create a connected whole, and are the essence of what makes our work special. 

We also explore the concept and design of molding and casting woven beads in metal form. In doing so, we retain the distinctive texture in solid bronze, silver, or 14k gold, and create a new world of design possibilities to pursue.

Agnieszka Zoltowski is the designer and maker behind ORU, though there are many people who help along the way. Our studio is based in Portland, Oregon where each piece is handcrafted with care and attention to detail.


video and image by One Hundred Seconds